Tuesday, December 28, 2004

Season of giving 

Edited to add some further donation and tracing resources

Like so many people, I woke up on 26th December to news of the Tsunami which has hit South East Asia, South Asia and East Africa. Since then, each succesive news report seems to have brought reports of higher death tolls and greater distress.

While the full extent of the devestation is going to take time to emerge, what is clear is that there is a huge need for resources to provide immediate relief, and to rebuild in the longer-term.
The Red Cross has set up a Family Links service to help people separated in Thailand, Sri Lanka and India to make contact.

Below are links to some of the organisations involved in the relief efforts (many thanks to H0bb3s for sending lots of them to me). Please consider making a donation to help.

Many other national and international aid organisations will also be accepting donations.

There are also bloggers with further lists of relief organisations, contact number s for people working on the ground (if you're local and can get supplies directly to them):

In the Malidives, the Divehi Observer has information on local needs.

Putting my fundraisers hat on, please take advantage of any tax efficient giving schmes that are available to you. If you receive tax credits for charitable donations, take account of the benefit you'll receive and use it to help you give more. If you're in the UK and a taxpayer, please give under the Gift Aid scheme, which will make every £1 you give worth an extra 28p to the charity, at no extra cost to yourself.

Also, please don't forget that there is still a huge need in the Sudan. In the UK, fundraising for this is being co-ordinated by the Disasters Emergency Committee.


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