Sunday, December 05, 2004

Perception and reality 

I got woken at 2.15am by my door buzzer sounding. Turned out to be my downstatirs neighbour to let me know that the building door was broken as someone had borken into his flat. They burst open the front door or the building and then the door of his flat. He was in there asleep and disturbed them, so they got away with only his mobile phone.

This left me somewhat shaken (and heaven knows how he felt). I live in a city with the third-highest Heroin problem in the country. Naturally that brings with it associated crime, but I live in a 'nice' bit of town, and you don't really see that much evidence of the problems. Sure I knew burglaries happen, but I'd always assumed that a building with two solid wooden doors facing the world would not be a particularly attactive prospect. Turns out I was wrong.

I went back up to my flat, engaged all the locks and the chain, and managed to get back to sleep. Having been shaken out of my complacency, I know it would be all too easy to go in the opposite direction. But the reality is that I still live in a pretty safe house in a 'nice' part of a great city.


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