Friday, December 10, 2004

More thoughts  

A few more things have occured to me about my Stanford interview that I thought might be worth mentioning.

When we set up the interview details my interviewer let me know that he didn't usually wear a suit and was happy for me to dress casually. This saved me having to ask about dress, and I opted for a smart sweater and trousers.

One of the things we discussed was whether I'd ever had to deal with someone who wasn't pullling their weight or wasn't up to the job. Leading on from the situation I described, he asked what I thought about managers' responsibility to look after an individual employee vs look after the company as a whole.

He'd gone to Stanford aged 22 and was very candid about the challenge of finding a job post MBA with little work experince (coupled with the fact that he was job seeking in the UK at a time when MBAs were very unusual over here). He also commented on the fact that I would be older than the average student, but in a factual rather than 'warning' way and was very positive about what students with a bit more work experience can bring to the classroom.

When we started out we'd talked about the role of the interview in the entire application process and the fact that most people who are interviewed ultimatley aren't admitted. He finished ap by wishing me well, saying that he thought I had lots going for me and would do well in the future, whether or not that future included Stanford. The last comment I took as an acknowledgement that most interviewees are eventually dinged and that all he can do is write his report and let others make of it what they will, rather than any sort of comment on his view of my candidacy.

'Will he call' anxiety hasn't set in yet, but that's probably beause I'm focussing on the Kellogg phone interview this evening and fighting off a cold. I confidently expect to be on tenterhooks by Tuesday at the latest.


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