Tuesday, December 14, 2004

Living on hold 

Whilst the waiting may not be to bad, I'm increasingly aware of how much of my life is 'on hold' pending decisions. In the last few weeks I've had to fill in a couple of rotas indicating my availability for events in the next three or four months, and I've been working round admitted student events dates in case I get to go to them. I was talking to my boss yesterday, and saying how much of a relief it will be to know which continent I'll be on in September. Since last spring, when I've been asked to take on new stuff I've ben making it clear that I can't make a long-term commitment to it becasue I don't know how my long-term plans are going to work out.

I've been seriously on this path for a year now, and in somewhere between one and five weeks time I'm going to know where the path is heading. It will be good to find out, even if it turns out not to be where I'm hoping.


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