Friday, December 10, 2004

Kellogg Interview 

Just got off the phone with my Kellogg interviewer, who was one of the admissions team based in Evanston. It was more comfortable than I felt it might be, although a little odd not having the benfit of body language, eye contact etc. We had a good phone line without any apparent dealy or echo, which made things relatively easy, and I managed to chat away quite happily, although it was sometimes a bit disconcerting just to get silence on the end of the phone.

She explained that my applicati0on had already had two reads but that this was a blind interview (not all Kellogg phone interviews are I beleive). She asked me to talk about my current job and what I might do in a typical day, which is much more difficult than it sounds because I don't have a typical day and my role is so wide ranging that it's not easily sumed up. She then asked my to talk about a recent project and my role in it, and what extent I work by myself and to what extent I work with others. I feel I rambled a bit through this section, mainly becasue it's not the easiest thing to articulate, but hey.

We then moved on to some more specific questions - my style when I work with other people, an example of when a relationship with a coleague had gone wrong and what I learnt from that, how my friends would describe me. She also asked me about my plans post MBA, discussions on which also touched on why I wanted to do an MBA in the first place and why I was interested in Kellogg. She asked if there was anyhting I felt my application hadn't covered that I'd like to add and if there were any questions that I'd like to ask, and then we were done. Finally she explained that the interview report would be added to my file for its final read, and then I'd hear by January 17th, but quite possibly sooner. We said our good byes and she was gone. Short and sweet - pretty much 25 minutes exactly in total.

I got some really useful information from another applicant who had a phone interview last week. (You know who you are - thank you!) He seemed to get some specifically positive comments about his candidacy from his interviewer, which I didn't, but we were interviewed by different people and I'm not going to read anything into what was said and what wasn't (or at least I'll try not to). I'm working on the basis that they have to be interested to have done the interview, and the fact that it was blind rather than probing specific areas suggests that there aren't any particular big issues that they're concerned about. She said I might hear something in a couple of weeks time, which would take us to Christmas Eve, so I'm really not expecting to get any news until January.

Now it's back to waiting and cold fighting.


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