Sunday, December 05, 2004

The interview is dead, long live the interview! 

Since Thursday's interview, I've been pondering the emotions which come with the application process. After all the work of writing essays, once the applications were in I found that the brainspace that had been kept busy with doing them was quickly filled with doubting. Was I good enough, did I express what I wanted to, will they think I'm worth a second look? Getting an interview invite silenced the voices. They called! Not only was there the affitmation of my application, but also something I could focus on and busy myself preparing for. Now the interview's over it's back to doubts. How did I come across? What did she think of me? What decision is going to be awaiting me in a couple of weeks' time? I'm glad that by opting for a hub interview I effectivley extended that middle time as long as I could.

At least at the moment I've got this week's interviews to focus on. I've e-mailed my resume across to my Stanford interviewer and sent my transcripts across to the school (they ask for the official copies as soon as you get an interview). Now I need to forget about Wharton and concentrate on Stanford and Kellogg.


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