Friday, December 03, 2004

Further thoughts 

A couple of further reflections have occured to me, after a good night's sleep.

The first is that the interviewer didn't ask for my resume / CV. I have kind of mixed feelings about this, as I'd spotted a spelling mistake on it th enight before and had ended up doing a literal cut and pasted job (with scissors, glue, correction fluid and photocopier) to correct it beacuse I dind't have an electronic copy with me. It did mean though that I was in control of what aspects of my career and interests I brought up in answer to her questions.

I asked her about SIM activities at Wharton, including their student recruiting efforts, and how that was impacting on where people come from, what they do at the school ,where they go to afterwards etc. We had a bit of a discussion about the benefits both ways of having non and for-profit types learning together, which resulted in her making further notes - hopefully positive ones rather than 'does this woman never shut up' or something along those lines.


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