Monday, December 13, 2004

Back to waiting 

The various countdowns are showing that it is now 10 days and change to the Wharton decision release, and according to Alex on S2S there's a meeting today that will decide whether the date stays on the 23rd or if it moves forward. My guess is that if it moves it won't be by more than a couple of days, so we'd still be at least a week away. With all the interviews over I'm now firmly back in the holding pattern that is the wait for decisions. Now there really is absolutely nothing more I can do, and in just over five weeks time I'll know what my options will be for next year. Unless I'm waitlisted of course, which starts off a whole new game.

I know it's been less than 72 hours, but so far the post-interview waiting is proving to be much easier than the pre-interview experience. In that earlier period, I think it wasn't the waiting per se that was the problem, more the ever present anticipation. Once we knew invites were starting to go out there was a constant feeling of 'anything could happen in the next half hour', or the one after that, or the next one. Whereas now, I'm not on edge the entire time. The Wharton decision will come on the 23rd (or on a specified date of their choice), the Stanford one will be on January 18th. Kellogg is a bit more of a moveable feast, but I'm not expecting to hear anything before January, so can remain calm at least until then. It actually feels quite liberating to know that things are out of my hands.

Of course, this calm may have something to do with the fact that I still have a cold hanging over me. It's refusing to break out into full-blown coughs, sneezes etc, but is making my brain ache and meaning I need to work three times as hard at concentrating on anything, so there's little brain space left for worry. I'm also contending with broken heating in the office - the recoomended minimum temperature is 16 degrees celsius, and the thermometer by my desk is registering 11 degrees. I'm already wrapped in a pashmina and may have to go and find my coat soon. I wonder if I can type in gloves?


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