Tuesday, November 02, 2004

They're all at it 

A couple of weeks ago there was a bit of excitement about Wharton applicants getting an e-mail from the school that many thought to be an interview invite, but which turned out to be a request feedback on information sessions. Well, when I logged on to my e-mail this morning (very early due to unexplained insomnia) there was a similar e-mail from Stanford. I wonder how many Stanford applicants got over excited about this one? The timing of these e-mails is really difficult. I can see why schools don't send them out sooner (becuase we'd all be focussing on our applications) and they obviously don't want to leave it too long, or we'd forget what we thought. I can also see how expectant applicants might focus on the sender rather than the message and jump to the wrong conclusion. Interestingly, Stanford was aking how useful I'd find resources such as on-line chats and message boards. Maybe they're considering going down a similar route to Wharton.

Speaking of which, I also got two e-mails inviting me to Wharton's European Business Conference on 19th Nov. As I'm going to be in the Far East that week, I can safely say I won't be going. And as it's potentially the day after getting a Wharton ding, I don't think I'd be planning to pop over to Philly anyway, it could just be too painful. The time difference on my trip (Philly +13) will at least mean that if a ding arrives it'll be while I'm asleep, and I'll have my last two days of travel to take my mind off it.


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