Sunday, November 21, 2004

Temporal Disturbances 

I got back from holiday early this morning and am currently doing battle with jet lag. Conventional wisdom, and my previous expoerience, says that jet lag going west is worse than that going east. On this trip though, I had absolutely no problem heading east. I got sufficient sleep on the flight out to stay awake until bed time in the new time zone, but little enough that I didn't stay awake beyond that. A full night's sleep followed and I was pretty much adjusted. Coming back though, the flight didn't leave until after midnight, and I got similarly little sleep but arrived with a full day to stay awake through. Sunlight is meant to be a useful regulator, but as there' s solid cloud and grey skies, there's little sunlight to help. So I'm relying on coffee to keep me going until bedtime.

A week in the sunshine, amid tropical greenery and under blue skies, has similarly thrown my calendar out of sync. Sun and warmth just don't compute with November, and Christmas felt five months away rather than five weeks. I've also realised that my brain is focussing on December 23rd at the moment, and Christmas seems like an event of minor significance that is barely registering on my mental radar. But I need to get through 2nd December before then, and that is only ten days off.


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