Sunday, November 28, 2004

Please don't let it get any worse than this 

Talk to anyone in the process of applying to an MBA course and chances are, whatever stage they're at, they're not enjoying it much. The GMAT with all the maths and grammar rules you haven't used for years is a slog to study for and an endurance test to sit. Then it's essay writing. What do you want to say? What do you need to say? How do you say it all in such a small number of words? There are the drafts, the re-drafts, the frantic spellchecking, the formatting worries, the hours and hours and hours of work. Then the essays are done, the forms are filled in and all you can do is sit and wait. And hope. And worry. Each stage seems worse than the one before, with the possobility that the final stage, decison day, could be the worst yet.

Well, I think I've just experienced my nadir. Worse than the GMAT. Worse than draft 27 of an essay. Worse than long hours of thumb twiddling wondering what the good folk in Philly or Palo Alto or Evanston think of me.

Trouser shortening.

Let me explain. I'm 5'3" and long bodied, which makes for pretty short legs. Trying to find trousers of any sort that are the right length is not easy. Trying to find some that are part of a suit is nigh on impossible. And yes, I know that theoretically I could wear a skirt, but if you'd seen my calves then you'd understand why that isn't really an option. So, I've spent this afternoon shortening my suit trousers by about four inches. If this were an admissions requirement, I think I'd be working on plan B right now. It's been a battle, but I think I finally managed to get both legs the same length as each other, and a uniform length around the hem. And I haven't cut off anything I shouldn't. At least, they'll look fine unless my interviewer decides to exmine them in minute detail, which seems unlikely.

Maybe it would be easier just to buy a rack and try to lengthen my legs.


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