Saturday, November 27, 2004

Oh, that's what I wrote 

In preparation for next week's interview, I've bene re-reading my Wharton essays. It's been a really useful exercise. Despite having spent hours and hours on the darn things, in the interveening weeks I've managed to forget quite a bit of what I'd written. Not to mention the potential for confusing what I'd said to Wharton with what I'd saif to Kellogg or Stanford (they're not that different, but even so). Of course, the hours and hours of writting and the tight word limits mean that the essay have nice crisp, concise answers to the why MBA why Wharton etc questions that I expect to get on Thursday.

Reassuringly, no major typos or mistakes jumped out at me from my essays. I cam across a minor one in my CV though (fundrasing, rather than fundraising in one place) but I don't imagine it will have sent the Kellogg adcoms screaming for cover (Kellogg is the only school I applied to that asks for a resume). I reformatted the CV I gave to Kellogg to take with me on Thursday, removing the very wide top margin that Kellogg required. It's on two sides of A4 paper ( no way it would fit on one without being in an unreadibly tiny font) and trying to find a suitable space for a page break was a bit tricky - I either orphoned information or had huge areas of white space. But some playing with spacing and font sizes has resulted in a dcoument that is clear, readable, and looks sensible. Printing it out was also fun - for some reason my printer wasn't pulling the paper through quite straight. It's amaxing how only a mm of difference can make something look so lopsided. A bit of playing around solved things though, and I now have three nicely printed copies to take with me.

Now I need to think up some sensible questions for me to ask the adcom.


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