Monday, November 08, 2004

Kellogg waiving, me drowning 

Just got an e-mail from the Kellogg admissions office to say that my interview requirement has ben waived. Essentially, this seems to mean that there is heavy demand for alumni interviewers in 'my area' and they don't want to hold up reviewing the file. I'm assured that it will have no bearing on the admissions decision and that they will contact me for a telephone interview should they decide that it will be helpful. At least that clears up what's happening and means that I don't have to worry abut fitting in another half day off work. I'm not sure whether 'my area' means the UK in general, or if they just didn't want to make me travel to London, which is where I presume most of their UK-based alumni are concentrated. A bit frustrating in some ways, as it means I don't get the oportunity to aid my decision making process through the interview, but I suppose there's lots I can do should I find myself having to make a decision involving Kellogg.

A little earlier I got an e-mail from a colleague enquiring about progress on a piece of work that I didn't even know I was supposed to be doing. I go on leave on Friday lunchtime for just over a week, and the list of things which have to be done or got to the stage where they can be delegated before I go is worryingly long. I was talking to my boss about work pressures last week, and having this dropped on my plate is not what I need right now. Still, I have several hours in Changai airport on Saturday in a lounge with internet access, and I'm sure there's somewhere I can work at Heathrow. All good fun!


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