Wednesday, November 10, 2004

Keeping my head above water, just 

The unexpected work project seems not to be as bad as anticipated. I'm even vaguely hopeful that I might not be stuck in the office too late tomorrow evening. Having said that, there is still the potential for my boss to put a spanner in the works sometime in the next 36 hours. There are also a couple of other projects that I need to get to a certain stage before I go on leave that are currently out with external suppliers - one with a designer and one with a mailing house. It's going to be against the wire to get them to where they need to be before I head to the airport, and one of them might involve having things faxed or e-mailed to me while I'm away. And I'm sat here now trying to put together skeleton copy for a leaflet so that people can look at it while I'm away and I can get going with it as soon as I'm back. But at least I feel like things are sort of in control.

In terms of going away, I've put the rubbish out, the heating's turned off and my bags are packed. The latter turned into quite a pallaver. Between sorting out warmish clothes to wear to work on Friday, identifying clothes to carry in my hand luggage so that I don't have to go 30 hours without changing, finding a jacket that will be warm enough early tomorrow morning but won't be too bulky to cart around when I'm in temperatures of 90F+ , trying to decide whether I should take my hair irons or if humidity will result in frizz whatever I do, etc. etc., my brain went into temporary meltdown. Let's face it, ther'e not a lot of point worrying about whether I need the travel charger for my toothbrush when the toothbrush itself is still in the bathroom and not even registering on my mental list. And my travel guide needs to be in a bag if it's going to be any use, not buried on my bed. Now though, I think I've got everything I need, and if I'm missing anything I can buy it at Heathrow or once I arrive. I have my passport, my ticket, and my credit cards, and as long as I have all those I can cope. Now I just need to get through a day and a half of work.


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