Monday, November 29, 2004

It is far on in the night; day is near. 

Yesterday was Advent Sunday. For those unfamiliar with the Christian calendar, Advent is the period leading up to Christmas and stars on the fourth Sunday before Christmas day. This means that all the readings and music are on the theme of waiting, and hoping and expecting, which just feels a bit too close to home at the moment. I've opted to have neither an advent candle nor an advent calendar this year, because I felt they'd only serve to remind me of the approaching decsion date and do little for my sanity.

I have stopped mythering about my Christmas travel plans though. Getting to my Mum's by 2pm will mean an early start, and as I'm going to be late home the night before that might not be fun. Planning to break my journey, given the usual performance of British trains, means risking that at 2pm I'll be sat on a train in the middle of nowhere, having not moved for the last 45 minutes, and slowly tearing my hair out. So I'm going to be staying at home until the decisions are out, and then hopping on a train shortly afterwards. I might even have time for a spot of good luck shoe shopping that morning to take my mind off things - I've got my eye on a rather spiffy pair of red boots.


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