Saturday, November 13, 2004

In praise of the last minute 

I'm writing this in the Singapore Airlines lounge at Changi airport, where I'm currently killing five hours between flights. Yesterday was one of those days where everything could go to pieces, but magically it all seems to fit together. I got one stage of one project signed off in the morning, and arrangements made to sign off the next stage whilst I'm away. Visuals for another project arrived later than hoped, but I managed to see them, comment on them, and delegate finishing dealing with them to one of my colleagues AND manage to get to the station to catch my train, just as it arrived. Miracle of miracles, it was on time and meant I made a last minute connection to an earlier train than I'd hoped to get. And despite a last minute problem with my flight booking (codeshare, and the booking airline had failed to pass on details to the transporting ariline) everything worked out fine.

This got me thinking - the last minute exists for a reason. It's that magic sixty seconds where we achieve what we thought wouldn't be possible, or get the good news that we'd resigned ourselves to not receiving . None of us should give up until the last minute is passed.

I'm not likely to be in regular contact with blogs and boards over the next few days, and I know lots of people have last minutes approaching for submissions or decisions. Good luck to everyone and don't give up hope.


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