Wednesday, November 03, 2004

Happy Bunny 

That's a pretty good description of me at the moment. The Wharton status update e-mail arrived yesterday evening (GMT) but, as it came from an individual's e-mail address rather than mba.admissions, I didn't get an SMS message. Probably a good job I didn't as at the time it was sent I was in a dinner meeting with some colleagues and the news would probably have distracted us somewhat. So when I got inot the office this morning and checked my e-mail, it was a very pleasant surprise.

I must admit I had been wondering what I'd do and how I'd feel if Wharton didn't want to talk to me. Given the relatively high proportion of applicants interviewed by Wharton (c50%) and that the applications I submitted to all the schools are pretty much of the same standard, not being interviewed by Wharton would have been a pretty bad omen for everywhere else too. So, while this is a neutral omen rather than a good one, it does relieve the worry, at least for the time being.

I've booked in for a Hub interview in London on 2nd December. My first reaction was to interview with an alumnus/alumna, as it'd be good to talk to someone about their experience of being a student at Wharton and how it'd benefitted them since. When I thought about it though, the next few weeks offer limited convenient time for interviewing, so finding a slot that would be good for both me and the interviewer could be difficult. In contrast, Thursday the 2nd is supremely convenient, as is the Hub location. So I now have four weeks to 'prepare' and to liberate my suit from my wardrobe, which currently has a door that's firmly jammed shut.


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