Friday, November 26, 2004

Counting Down 

So this time next week my Wharton interview will be done. In fact, this time in six days my Wharton interview will be done. And in just under four weeks time I'll know what they think of me (three weeks, five days, twenty hours, and thirty minutes to be precise) and have some better idea of what might be happening with my life next year. As it's just over six weeks since the Wharton application deadline, I keep reminding myself that the worst is over. Thankfully, the next few weeks are likle to be pretty busy, workwise and socially, which should help to keep me sane.

Currently, D-day for Wharton is scheduled to be on December 23rd, which is the day I plan to travel to my Mum's for Christmas. Decisions come out at 9am Phily time, which is 2pm GMT. I'm trying to plan travel arrangements (its about six hours by train) and can't decide whether to

a- travel early, get the decision at my Mum's, and cope with the emotional fall-out straight away
b - stay at home, get the results, react accordingly and then have a long journey and late arrival
or c - break my journey, find a convenient internet cafe for 2pm, and risk being sectioned for an extreme emotional reaction of one sort or another.

All of this may be theoretical as the decison release may move forward by a few days. It's a really thing to be worrying about, and I keep telling myself that I should just pull myself together and decide on way or the other, but I can't seem to manage it. Maybe displacement worrying about something I can control is not a bad thing.


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