Sunday, November 07, 2004

All quiet on the blogging front 

Not much blogging activity going on at the moment. I suppose most of us are in that post-deadline lul where there's not a lot to do except wait, hope and worry.

I still haven't heard from Kellogg about the interview. I dropped them an e-mail on Friday (which was six weeks since they'd confirmed receipt of my part 1) just in case something has got lost somewhere, but I tend to think it's more likely to be a delay in things being arranged (or a shortage of local alumni). No news of anyone hearing from Stanford yet.

In preparation for the Wharton interview, I've started reading through Montauk's advice on interviews and watched the mock interview videos in B-week's MBA Insider section. The Georgetown one's were so basic as to be almost useless I thought. It was hardly a surprise to be told that it was a bad thing not to be able to describe your career, explain why an MBA made sense for you or give a convincing explanation of why you wanted to go to that school. The Michigan ones are much more useful. I've also had a look through accepted.com's interview feedback database, and liberated my interview suit from the tempremental wardrobe. The latest from Wharton is that c60% of r1 interview invites are still to go out, so I'm looking forward to hearing lots of good news from fellow bloggers in the next ten days!


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