Wednesday, October 27, 2004

Things are looking good 

The first of my Stanford recs went in yesterday evening, and the confirmation e-mail was SMS'd to my phone, so I'm now confident that the notifier is working and I don't need to continuously check my e-mails. The rec that's in is from my current boss, who seems to have found the process of the three recommendations really hard work. He wears another hat as a university professor, and so is quite used to doing academic references, but this has been his first experience of doing them for an MBA applicant. I know that he's also really concerned to do a good job for me, which is great. The peer reference is coming from a current colleague, and I know it's in hand and should be submitted later today. We were talking about it this morning, trying to identify some occasions where she'd given me significant feedback (which is one of the things Stanford asks about), and failing. The third rec is from my previous boss, who's got the other two recs in on time, so should be fine with this one.

Yesterday evening I did a quick on-line shop and sorted out thank you presents for all three recommenders. Colleague and former boss are getting nice scented candles from Jo Malone and current boss is getting a pen from Tiffany - he's one of those people who it's really difficult to think of something for and I decided that a pen was a. practical and b. easy to pass on to someone else if he wants to. I just need to sort my self out with some thank you cards and get a small thank you present for the friend who read through my essays for me (Theatre Tokens, I think) and then everyone should be taken care of.


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