Tuesday, October 26, 2004

Return from the Twighlight Zone 

I've just spent an extended weekend in a town that would rank pretty highly in a 'most dismal place in Britain' competition. Got home last night to find two e-mails confirming receipt of my CPS's for Kellogg and an e-mail confirmation that I was complete for round 1. This was good news. Less good was the fact that I hadn't received an SMS notification of their arrival, which suggests that the programme isn't working - must see if I can find out why not.

I've still heard nothing from Kellogg about an interview. It's approaching five weeks since I got the confirmation that they'd received part 1 or my application, and interview information is meant to go out between two and six weeks from that point. So I'm geared up for hearing from them in the next ten days. I'm a bit surprised that it's taking so long.

S2S postings suggest that the Wharton invites have started. I really must get that SMS notifier sorted out . . . .


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