Sunday, October 17, 2004

Relaxation? What's that again? 

I could really have done with a weekend doing as little as possible, but unfortunatley it wasn't to be. Yesterday I had an 'away day' with my church council, which was useful and interesting, but ate up a whole Saturday. Today I'm helping out with a children's instrument making worksop and concert. On Friday, the intern I'm managing said he was planning to spend the weekend 'sitting very still'. I envy him.

I've resolved to take Mark's advice, and stay away from the Business Week boards. I think any support they offer will be more than outweighed by the paranoia and panic they seem to induce, and at the moment I'm finding the various posts along the lines of 'If I miss a deadline, will I really be bumped to the next round' and 'Your application website says x, y, and z, do you really mean that?' rather annoying.


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