Tuesday, October 12, 2004


I've managed a complete draft of Stanford essay 1. I need to come back to it at the weekend, and a couple of paragraphs in particular need some attention, but a least thoughts or now on paper (or hard drive). I know that the Stanford deadline is over a fortnight away, and I know other people are working towards earlier deadlines, but it is a weight off my mind. I've never been one for last minute rushes (I hate to think how many hours I've wasted waiting in airports, stations etc over the years, becasue I've allowed extra time so I wouldn't be late) and I know how busy I'm going to be in the next couple of weeks, plus I think I might have a cold coming on. So the knowledge that I'm really almost there with Stanford is comforting.

And I've just had a status change e-mail from Wharton, I'm now officially complet for r1!

Good luck to everyone else working towards r1 deadlines.


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