Thursday, September 09, 2004

Words of Wisdom 

My essays (with the exception of S1, which I'm still working on) are now with a friend who's going to give me an honest opinion of what she thinks.

I haven't done much on applications in the last few days, mainly becasue I've been away with work and dealing with a stomach bug. But I've just 'attended' the B-week Wharton chat and was struck by the following comment from Rosemaria Martinelli:

"My team has a particular fondness for the growing social sector and desire for those who wish to have an immediate impact in the non-profit and public sector areas. Now this is a little more challenging for those students because the salaries for these students my be less than that of those going into the private sector, but the skill sets they will learn, the experiences they will have at Wharton, and what they are able to contribute will far outweigh that gap."

I can cope with a 'particular fondness'.

The other comment that's struck me recently is from Derrick Bolton's Director's Corner in the September Stanford GSB newsletter:

". . . the Stanford essays are not a marketing exercise – they are an accounting exercise. . ."

A really useful way of looking at MBA applications in general, I think.


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