Tuesday, September 21, 2004

Taking Time Off (and paying the price) 

I'm just back from an extended weekend in Istanbul (well I got back last night, but didn't fire up the PC untill this morning). A few days in a really beautiful city, with great weather, and lots of time to wander, sit and drink tea, and relax has done me the power of good. I've seen it said several time on the B-week boards that one for the advantages that London has over say, New York, is that the whole of Europe is just a short and, relatively, cheap flight away. That proximity to some of the world's truly great cities is something I really value.

But having spent just a few days a way, I've come back to piles of e-mail, discussion posts and blogs to catch up on, which is how I've spent the last hour and a half. It's all interesting stuff though, and reading about the struggle that all the first years seem to be having with too much to do and too few hours in which to do it, makes me appreciate my current ability to take a few days off even more.


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