Thursday, September 23, 2004

Swearing at Kellogg and putting Wharton to bed 

I had a bit of a play with my Kellogg essays to see how long they'd be with an 11pt font and an all round 1-inch margin. I'd have had to lose going on for 50% of the length to make them fit. And however much I focus and however precise and concise I get, there's no way that I can use that formatting and still express what I want to say. I'd only be able to be very superficial, and I don't think that's going to get me very far. I have done a bit of harmless pruning though and they are now all in 11pt TNR, with a 1-inch margin at the top and somewhat smaller margins on the other three sides. The 1pt increase in font size does make them a whole lot easier on the eyes I admit, but I'm not convinced that the narrower margins have any ill effect. And I think there's more chance of me being dinged for writing thin essays than there is for submitting well-rounded essays with thin margins.

Earlier this evening I finished off my CV, sorry resume, and uploaded it to my Kellogg application. I'm not sure what was going on, but for some reason various bits of formatting kept changing between my word document and the uploaded pdf. It took about six attempts to get a pdf where all the text had stood still, by which time I had turned the air very blue and was a distinctly unhappy bunny. I'm really warming to Wharton's slightly more low-tech approach.

Speaking of which, after my earlier panic about the approaching Wharton deadline, I realised that my Wharton application was actually pretty much done. So I printed it off, gave it a very thorough proof read, made a couple of small changes, and then earlier today I pressed the button to send it on its merry way to Philly. My final printed version is safely filed away and I've promised myself I won't look at it unless I need to prepare for an interview, because I know that if I do some huge error will come leaping out at me and get me all worried. I do have a slight "Aghh! Have I done the right thing?" feeling, but it had to go at some point, and I think I'd be feeling this way at whatever point that was. I'm not submitting Kellogg until I know that the career progress surveys are in, becuase there's an additional cps coming from my previous boss, and with K considering an ap complete as soon as they've got one of them, I want to ensure that they don't proceed until they've got both. As I still haven't finished Stanford essay one, I won't be flexing my credit card on that one just yet either.

Finishing S1 and doing some research on scholarships is my plan for the weekend.


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