Tuesday, September 21, 2004

Stanford Information Session 

Before heading off for the weekend, I went to the Standford information session for women on Thursday night, at Goldman Sachs' offices in London.

The sesion was run by one of the dputy-directors in the admissions office, who is herself a GSB alumna, and four other London based female alumnae, ranging from the Class of 1991 to the Class of 2004. One was British, one of a mixed UK/Hong Kong background and upbringing, one Turkish, and two from the US (one has just arrived a couple of weeks ago, the other had moved three years ago, ten years after her MBA). There were about twenty of us in the audience (including two men) and I think we were probably about half and half British and other nationalities.

The session started a few minutes late ("in case people are circulating the block looking for parking", a comment which produced amused smiles from those of us who know the realities of driving and parking in the City) and kicked off with information about Stanford. Then there were questions for the panel, and finally some information about the admissions process. I'm not sure that I came away with a whole lot of new information, but I did fell that the seesion added to the what's already available through the brochure and website. There were some useful new snippets (there are 400 alumni in the UK, the GMAT range for the Classes of 2003 & 2004 was 540-800) but I think what I most value is the sense of connection with Stanford and the excitement about the place that came through. I've found the Wharton resources really useful for theat in relation to Wharton and Stanford MBA's blog, but it was good to have the interaction with live people. And it was great to step back from the essays a bit and focus on all the things that excite me about Stanford and make me want to apply there. Not to mention one of the few opportunities in the B-school world to be in a place where those without Y chromosones out number those with!


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