Saturday, September 25, 2004

Needles in a Haystack 

I spent this morning in the city reference library with a copy of The Grants Register - a huge directory of educational grants. I'm used to grants research from my job, but these days most institutional grants information is distributed on CD-ROM or on the web, which makes sorting through it a lot easier. Using a book again felt very cumbersome.

By lunchtime I'd found three grants I wasn't aware of before, but having come back and looked at the relevant websites, one has been subsumed into another programme, one isn't tenable for study in the USA, and the last is very small and I'm on the fringe of eligibility. Fulbright only appears to be giving 2 MBA awards from the UK this year - one is for Harvard and the other is sponsored by a PE firm, so somehow I doubt they're going the be particularly interested in a non-profiter. So I'm left with two targets, which at least saves on the form filling, I suppose.


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