Friday, September 24, 2004

It took them almost three weeks, but . . . 

Dear Britchick,

We have received Part 1 of your application to the Kellogg School of Management and will begin processing your application. If you have requested an off-campus interview, you will be notified of your assignment within 2 to 6 weeks. Please be aware that to be considered for a given deadline, you must submit Part 2 of your application, including all supporting documents, by the corresponding deadline. Please refer to the deadline table in our application.


Kellogg Office of Admissions

I had been wondering whether I should chase this or not, so it's a bit of a relief to have received it. I sent off my transcripts yesterday. I'd considered using FedEx, but as that would have cost c£35, I opted for a Royal Mail priority tracked service, with was a little under£6. So now I just sit tight and wait for interview details while I finish off section 2.


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