Thursday, September 02, 2004

Bringing Back Memories 

I've just been reading Mazen's Wharton Diary about the Learning Team Retreat. Just about fifteen years ago to the day I went off to do my last two yeats of pre-university education at an international boarding college, and we had a similar kind of camp experience in the first couple of weeks. What really struck me in Mazen's entry was that the school makes sure people have their medical insurance sorted, as someone always gets injured. Well, on my first-year camp, that was me. I broke my ankle within about two hours of getting off the bus, spent that evening at the hospital, the rest of the camp back at college, and virtually all of the term on crutches (I'm a slow healer). I still get a twinge in my ankle occassionally, in fact I can feel one now. And I gather I've entered college folklore, so in the next week or so, somewhere in the Welsh mountains, a bunch of teenagers are going to be being told about me and advised not to do likewise. Fame eh!

All the same, the learning retreat sounds fun and another reason to be enthusiastic about Wharton.


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