Tuesday, August 10, 2004

Kellogg Essays - tick 

After my flash or revelation yesterday evening. I sat down after breakfast and put together a short essay about my powers of qunatitative persuasion. Unlike some of the others it was pretty straightforward - simply to explain the situation and how I addressed it, and it didn't take too much thinking about what I wanted to communicate. I neede to show that I understood the reasons for the resisitance and that I reacted in a way that addressed those reasons. I wanted to show that I've got good quant skills. Just under 500 words in just under an hour.

So I now have a full set of Kellogg essays to go with the Wharton ones. I'm going to put them aside for now, and then come back and edit them over the weekend. The review your file one is going to need some work once the on-line application is up and I know what's going to be in my file in its entirity, but I'm hoping that's the only substantial thing I'll need to do. Stanford essays here I come.


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