Saturday, August 07, 2004

Kellogg contd 

I've spent some time looking at the short essay questions for Kellogg and at the rest of my application, trying to decide which three of the five will add the most to the package. I've gone for Outside of Work I . . . as it lets me talk about an important extra-curric which I haven't mentioned much anywhere else and I can also use it give a very strong example of team work and interpersonal skills. The second is going to be What have been your most significant leadership roles to date? What was the most valuable lesson learned? Leadership is clearly something they're looking for, and this seems like a good opportunity to address it directly. Last year, they simply asked about the most valuable lesson you'd learnt in a leadership role. It's going to be more challenging to address both aspects of the question in just three paragraphs. I wonder how long a paragraph I can get away with?

The choice of third topic is going to take a bit more thinking about. Describe a situation in which you provided a solution that met with resistance. How did you address that situation? could be a good one if I can come up with a strong example. It'll alow me to stree my inter-personal skills, although they aren't badly covered elsewhere. I already have something drafted for Describe an ethical dilemma that you faced and how it was resolved. I'm not sure that it adds that much to my application though. Plus, I have the feeling that they might be less concerned about the ethics of someone from the nfp sector than they would be of someone coming from a 'loadsamoney' type career. I wish the Admissions Committee had asked me... is a nice, open ended opportunity, if I think that there's anything I desperatly need to include that I haven't elsewhere, but I'm not sure that there is. Hmmmm. I'll ponder some more.


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