Sunday, August 15, 2004

Iterative Process 

You know how I said that my Kellogg and Wharton essays were ready for review, well I've changed my mind. It's the 'Why MBA, Why Now, Why Here?' one for each that I'm not sure is quite right yet. My problem all along has been that my review of whatI've done so far has taken up too much space, resulting in a relatively small amount given over to 'why here', especially for Kellogg (I've taken advantage of Wharton allowing 'non-traditionals' to exceed the word limit a bit). I started off being very descriptive in looking at my career, and in subsequent drafts have moved much more to that 'what I've learnt' rather than 'what I've done', but there's still been this niggle that it's not as good as it could be. When I've come to the Stanford version, which doesn't have a word of space limit, I've found that I've been able to put back in lots of the passion about why I want to do an MBA, which I've ended up not being able to fit into the other versions. I'm also better able to articulate 'why Stanford' because I've got the space to do it properly. But I've thought some more, and I think I have a way of looking at my 'history' for Kellogg and Wharton which will say what I want to communicate in a more relevant and, more importantly, less word-hungry way. So that's my job for this evening.

I've also been trying to plan my weekends for the rest of the year. Earlier in the summer I was finding that I seemed to have some commitment or other every single weekend, which made it rather difficult if I wanted to go away (or spend some time just slobbing around). So I've been trying to organse activities so that I have two or three in a single weekend, and then have weekends that are entirely free. I've got lots of leave that I need to use up before the end of the year, so I've been seeing how I can use that as well. So, subject to getting the time-off approved, I'm going to have a long-weekend in Istanbul in the middle of September. I'm still planning to do a quick visit to Wharton at the end of September, again subject to being able to get time off at the right time and managing to sort out flights, and I'm hoping to maybe manage another city break sometime in November (either somewhere warm or somewhere that works well in the cold).


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