Tuesday, August 17, 2004

Forces of nature 

The pictures of th edevestation in Florida last week were shocking. The UK pretty much avoids such extremes of weathr, although at the moment we're getting the edge of some storm systems. Yesterday an intense period of heavy rainfall in a steep valley, combined with a high tid, resulted in flash flooding in a village in Cornwall. Buildings were washed away, cars were being carried down the main street as if they were little more than twigs, and the RAF were being kept busy winching people out by helicopter. Cornwall's a popular tourist destination, and this is about the buiest week of the year for tourism. All in all, it's amazing that human damage seems to have been restricted to relatively minor injuries.

I've been enjoying the rather more pleasant forces of nature competing in Athens. Unfortunately I missed the 200m freestyle final yesterday, but I saw quite a bit of swimming over the weekend. My mum was a competetive swimmer and although my highest sompeting level was somewaht below that of the Olympics (Airedale & Wharfdale Under 10's being the biggest competition I made it to) it's one of the few sports that I feel I can relate to on a technical level. The UK seemed to be suffering from poor performances, bad luck with underwater cameras and simply being up against awesome competitors, but it looks like we could make it on to a podim at the pool in the next few days. And hey, there are plenty of US and Australian competitors who make for compulsive non-partisan viewing.

Speaking of compulsive viewing (reading?), the blogs and diary entires from Wharton pre-term are great. I'm really enjoying keeping in touch with what those guys are up to, and it's getting me even more enthusiastic about b-school in general and Wharton in particular. Hope you all carry in enbjoying it, and good luck to Mark and the rest starting at Harvard this week.


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