Tuesday, August 31, 2004

Application Forms 

The Wharton application is now live and I'm hoping that the Kellogg one will be by the end of today. It's interesting to compare and contrast the Wharton and Stanford forms both in terms of the information they ask for and the way the forms work. Stanford seems to have gone for the slightly more hi-tech approach in some sections of their form, which I like in some places and don't in others. And I wish I knew why schools wanted some information and how they used it. What significance does my Mother's education have? (In the case of Stanford where there's only space for a limited number of characters, and 'Higher National Diploma - Applied Chemistry (Food Science)', simply doen't fit, knowing how it's used would enable me to shorten the description more intelligently).

I've been looking into the process for becoming a CFRE (the standard North American certification for fundraisers). I figure that if I get a place at B-school, having a US recognised certification won't hurt if I'm looking for internships in the nfp sector. I don't think it'll be at all dificult to do, but the application form is another matter - badly laid out, unclear and with conflicting information in a number of places. It makes me realise how well designed and thought through B-school forms are. A small mercy in this challenging process.


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