Monday, July 05, 2004

Happy Independence Day (Observed) 

to all those who are celebrating the overthrow of the British. These days all you'd have to do is label any encounter a 'quarter-final' and we would recognise the situation and lose, at least if our recent sporting performances are anything to go by. While the Brits (and specifically the English) have not been basking in glory sportswise recently, it has been good to see 'underdogs' triumphing over the weekend. I suspect there are a lot of heavy hangovers in Greece this morning.

I am still struggling with Kellogg essay 2. At the moment I can't decide whether to focus on one area of uniqueness or to include two. I'm finding one of the two very easy to articulate, but the second less so. It's tempting just to go with the first, but I think that the second is possibly a more important aspect to get across, and they do fit together rather well. It would be easier if I knew what the 'smaller' questions were going to be, so I could divide up information amongst the entire application. Hey hum.


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