Monday, July 12, 2004

Further Progress 

On Wednesday I'm meeting with my boss to discuss his recommendations of me for my applications. He's already agreed to do them, but we both want to talk through them in detail. It's a little early maybe, but he isn't office based, so the nex time I see him face to face won't be until mid-September. As he's away for two weeks directly after that, it would be rather tight to get reco's in if we left it til then, so Wednesday it is.

I've printed off copies of last year's forms, so he knows the sort of theing the schools are asking and can start to think about what to say. I'm also going to give him a copy of my Kellogg essay 1, as it stands at the moment, so he knows what I'm saying. In the course of reading through the essay before printing it out, I decided some of it needed re-writing. There was too much about what I did in my various jobs, not enough about what I learnt. Needless to say, these changes took me over two pages, so I had another editing round, and now feel I've got something that makes sense, makes a strong case, and meets the space limit.

Wharton essay 1 is also at a solid draft stage. Total word count is currently c1,400, which, given the guidelines on applications from 'non-traditionals', I hope is OK. W2 is at the 'cerebral development' stage. I know what I'm going to write about and roughly what I want to say, I'm just not quite sure how to say it yet.


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