Wednesday, June 30, 2004

Written in the stars? 

When it comes to astrology, I'd describe myself as an open-minden sceptic. I'm not one to believe everything that's put in front of me, but 'more things in heaven and earth' and all that jazz. I once worked in a communications team of thirty, twenty of whom were geminis (supposedly the sign of communication). My knowledge of statistics isn't good enough to know whether this is significant or not.

Anyway, a friend of mine who is much more into this kind of thing, bought be an Astrological Locations profile, which apparently shows the best and worst places in the world for me in relation to a number of factors. Here are the edited highlights:

Uzbekistan is well-starred for 'personal realisation' (rather interesting as I've been visiting). Six of the top seven places for 'personal contacts' are francophone. There is a whole are of the US that is bad for 'a long marriage and good partnership' (New Mexico, both Dakotas, Arizona, Colorado), but California is pretty good, and Arizona is well-starred for sex (as are Utah and Montana). And the best place for making a career - the Midway Islands (yes, roughly in the region of Hawai, population 100, according to their website).

It's a good job I don't take this stuff too seriously or I'd be looking for a business school in the Central African Republic with an Eco-Tourism major.


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