Friday, June 18, 2004


In the UK we are now in the full flow of 'The Season'. Debrett's, describes this phenomenum thus:

The Social Season
The Season is the name for the series of events that make up the British social calendar. The Season proper runs from April to August and includes such events as Henley, Ascot and the Chelsea Flower Show. There is, however, a wide range of events all year round, from carol concerts and balls at Christmas to summer exhibitions, Wimbledon and the Proms.

The Season has been an integral part of British life for several hundred years. The debutante season was central to this: young women made their debut in society and were presented at court. This practice was discontinued in the 1950s, but a scaled-down version of the debutante season survives.

Whilst traditionally regarded as the pursuit of the upper classes, with arcane rules governing dress and etiquette, the Season has become increasingly accessible. The growth of corporate hospitality has served only to make the season more popular. Very few of the events are closed; tickets for the majority of events are available to all who apply.

Not being into pretending to be 'upper class', the most significant point in 'The Season' for me is Ascot week, because that seems to be when the pollen count reaches it's hight. This has been the week, and I seem to have spent most of it either sneezing and itching, or so dopped up on anti-histamines that my brain struggled to function. So I've decided to call it a day early, and my weekend is starting here.

The next major event on the social calendar is Wimbledon, which starts on Monday. In true form the temperatures have cooled, the sun has disappeared and rain is forecast. As one of my university professors used to joke, the English translation of 'monsoon' is 'Wimbledon Fortnight'.


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