Monday, June 21, 2004

Only 180 days until Christmas 

Someone, I'm afraid I don't know who, opined that the ideal time to start one's Christmas shopping was at somepoint between the start of Wimbledon Fortnight and the August bank holiday (last Monday in August). Wimbledon starts today, so I guess that means Christmas shopping season is officially open!

I'm not in favour of the seemingly ever earlier start to the festive season(last year I received my first charity christmas card catalogue in July!) and was once moved so far as to write to a store manager complaining about the 'Season's Greetings' decorations that had appeared in October (I queried which season we were greeting - Autumn?). But I am one for advanced planning, in case you haven't guessed from my early start to the whole B-school thing. I'm also a sucker for nice stationery. So the recent business week mba e-mail, with a case study on an HBS alumnus' business , pulled me in, and I will admit to drooling over lovely holiday cards.

Oh, and 180 days to Christmas means, I think, 178 to Wharton round one decisions!


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