Saturday, June 19, 2004

One more thing ticked off the list 

Sang in a concert yesterday. It was a rather eclectic mix ranging from Bach to the Beatles and from madrigals to spirituals, all under the title 'Music for a Summer Evening'. Unfortunatley the evening was not as summery as it could have been, so we had to sing inside rahter than out in the garden, which had been the original plan.

Afterwards I met up with a friends from the choir who'd come to listen becuase they'd taken this term off from singing. Two of them, a couple, kindly agreed to read through my application essays, once I've written them. She is part way through an English PhD and does a lot of reading and marking of undergraduate essays. He is a barrister (one of the 'species' of lawyer in England). Both know me reasonably well, but not in a wrok context. Between them, I think I'll get some useful feedback on style, tone, how my arguments hang together, and whether I'm presenting a convinving picture of myself.


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