Thursday, June 24, 2004


Today is an 'office' day, so I had a early start from home. In the winter early mornings are horrible - dark, cold and univiting. In the summer I actually enjoy being able to see the world when it is quiet and still.

The wind and rain of the last couple of days has done a surprising amount of damage near my home. Lots of branches have become detached from their trees. A flat three doors down from me is being used for filming scenes from a TV series this week. They were doing outdoor shots on Monday evening, and are doing more tonight. I hope none of the filming from the two sessions is meant to fit together or they are going to have major continuity problems with the natural environment.

One of the disadvantages to early starts is that I'm often going out just as late night revellers are making their way home. This morning I shared the bus with a bloke who was rather the worse for wear in the alcohol department and, on learning what I did for a living, attempted to tell me about some charity event he was trying to organise. This happens much more often than you'd think (the pitching of charity ideas, rather than the being accosted by drunks on public transport)which I suppose I should find heartening, people are maybe more concerned for others than one might expect. He asked if he could give me his number (qualified with a slightly slurred "this isn't a pick up, honest, I'm married") and, having decided that he was probably safe when sober, I gave him my business card. I suspect that he'll wake up later today and be utterly confused as to why he's got it, but if he does remember, it's possible I might be able to give him some useful advice.

Is the ability to network at 5.30am in unusual circumstances worth mentioning somewhere in my B-school apps, do you think?!


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