Wednesday, June 23, 2004

First essay drafted 

It's June and I've switched the cenral heating on. Hmmmm. Lack of sun and a reluctance to do anything that involves going outside and getting soaked / blown off my feet / both, coupled with a TV schedule full of sport and 'reality' shows, has helped me to focus on getting my first entire essay written. It's the Kellogg 'Why MBA?, Why Now?, Why Here?' one, a chunk of which is also going to be in the Wharton equivalent.

I'm not entirely convinced by it at the moment. Roughly 50% is taken up with 'career review', which seems like too high a proportion, but I really don't know what I can leave out and still have it make sense. There's very little that is specific to Kellogg. But I have laid out what it is I want from an MBA (which is common to all the schools) and demonstrated how Kellogg meets those needs. Maybe once I've done the second essay (what makes me unique), essay 1 will make more sense, or I'll see what I can lose from it.

I don't like the way Kellogg measures essay length. The main three are quantified in 'sides'. I'd really much rather have a word count. Sides are 'moveable feasts' - the number of words on them depends very much on the font size and the page layout. Not to mention that the standard page size in the UK is different to that in the US. Then there's how you present the text. There are some bits I could express much more succinctly in bullett points, but these take up more page space. Grrrrrrrrrrr.


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