Sunday, June 06, 2004

Busy doing nothing . . . . . .  

. . . . at least as far as MBA application are concerned. The week just gone and the two coming up are pretty full of work and non-work-but-non-MBA related stuff, so there's not much going on to blog about.

I did use a productive ten minutes a couple of weeks ago to write and request my transcripts, and these all arrived a couple of days ago. I figured it made sense to sort them out now, rather than risking missing a round deadline or having to do a mad dash to get one after receiving an interview invite (in the event that anyone wants to interview me). So I now have four sets transcripts for my undergraduate degree and for a post-graduate diploma, all safely tucked away in my filing cabinet.

I don't know what's pollinated in the last few days, but my hayfever has arrived with a vengeance. It's also got warm (by British standards) in the past couple of days. This has made for lovely nights of lying awake overheating and itching. I've lived in a basement flat for the last two years, and am really noticing the lack of underground cooling. Still, the sun is lovely, anti-histamines keep the worst of the sniffles away during the day and I might just break open the 'these tables make you drowsy' ones for dual anti-pollen and pro-sleep relief overnight.


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