Friday, May 21, 2004

Now is the month of Maying, when merry lads are playing. Fa la la la la la la. Fa la la la la la la. 

I've decided that May is my favourite month. Trees have broken out of their winter drab and into fresh green leaf (which pollution and heat have yet to dull). Wisteria is in bloom and trees everywhere are full of white blossom. And as my allergies seem to have miraculously reduced in the last few years, I can enjoy them without the accompaniment of itchy eyes and a runny nose. The air is warm, the rain (when it comes) is lighter and refreshing, and the month draws to a close with my birthday and a bank holiday weekend. What more could you ask for?

We're also properly into the long days of summer. My working week is split between days working at home and days in the office (which is about 150 miles away). On office days, this means that I have a very early start, a couple of long train journeys, and a late return home. In the winter, it results in a rather vampiric existance. I leave my flat in the dark, get home in the dark, and see very little natural light in between. But at this time of year it's much more pleasant. This morning I was woken by birdsong rather than my alarm, which is a significantly more gentle way to greet a clockface reading 4:30 am.


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