Tuesday, May 18, 2004

Covert Surveilance 

At somepoint over the weekend my IE started behaving very oddly. Everypage I tried to navigate to redirected me to www.errorplace.com. Smelling something of the rodent, I decided to consult our IT guy first thing on Monday (I work from home for part of the week, so get IT support for my home PC). After a couple of un-returned calls on Monday morning I discover that he's on leave until Thursday. Being a small organisation, we have an IT department of one, so it was over to me. Of course, the best place to find information is on the internet, and as my own PC effectivley couldn't get on the net, that meant finding a local internet cafe. Now I can tell you the location of internet cafes in various cities around the globe, but I had no idea where there was one near me. After all, if I'm in my local area and want to log on, I do so at home! But after a bit of semi-intelligent wandering of the streets, and then some on-line research I identified the problem (some rather nasty spyware, apparently) fidlded around a bit, and managed to fix it. I'm now the proud owner of some ant-spyware software.

On a more positive note, I watched a really fascinating programme about body language last night. It's the first in a series, and last night's ep was focussing on power. Watching politicians when they're giving speeches, with no sound so you can concentrate on what they're doing rather than saying, is really fascinating.


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