Saturday, April 03, 2004

Weekend working 

It's the weekend, but work has had to come before relaxation. I spent most of last week waiting to get information so I could get on with projects. Some of it arrived yesterday, so I'm now trying to get things done and on people's desks for first thing Monday.

As this should really be leisure time, here are some place to have fun. The Daily Mail-O-Matic has been developed by a British blogger called Christopher. It brilliantly spoofs headlines from a right-wing UK 'newspaper' that specialises in frightening narrow-minded little-Englanders. A link from that site led me to The Cheese Test. I seem to be some sort of quatro-frommagio fondue, but predominantly Camembert. And finally, one of my colleagues put me on to this Guess the Dictator/TV Character site. I managed to beat it once, but am still completely in awe of the 'anorak' level of detailed research that must have gone into it.

Have fun!


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