Sunday, April 18, 2004

Wardrobe Issues 

Still having problems with the comments, although I've managed to read them on the Haloscan site, so thank you to everyone.

Thursday's event went pretty well, and without any untoward pasta incidents! It's a long time since I've felt as completeley exhausted as I did at the end of it though. I had a two hour train journey afterwards with every single bit of my body just screaming to get home and go to bed (this was at 5.30pm). Nervous energy can lead to very physical exhaustion. I'm not usually this prone to stress, I think it's just becasue this was a new departure for me and the organisation, and there was a lot of expectation tied up with it.

The London Marathon was run this morning. One of the fun runners is 93 and only took-up marathons when he was 89, which makes me feel like a complete lazy-bones. My exertion for the day has been limited to partially disassembling a wardrobe. I have a wonferful 19th centuary wardrobe that belongs to my landlord. Unfortunately one of the doors got stuck today. After attempting micro-surgery with an unravelled wire coat hanger throgh the gap at the top of the door, I decided the only solution was to go in through the back. This involved moving the wardrobne out from the wall (it's huge and very heavy, I'm 5'3" and a long way from being Ms Universe), unscrewing the back, removing the contents, and then unscrewing the lock on the inside. Once that was all sorted, everyhting had to put back together, with the lock properly working this time, and the wardrobe moved back to its original position. I finally managed to eat lunch at about 3.30pm and am amazed I haven't pulled any muscels, but at least I have retrieved to things I want to take on my trip. And I'm glad I did all this today instead of having to do battle on Thursday night.

I think I'm just about set for 'The Great B-School Treck'. Yesterday I bought myself a replacement guide to New York (my previous one having had an unfortunate incident with a bath-tub full of water) and ended up being seduced my a '3 for 2' offer in the bookshop. This wouldn't have been so bad, except I have a stack of books by my bed that I've yet to read and am seriously short of bookshelf space. My name's britchick and I'm a biblioholic.

When I haven't been wrestling wardrobes or dreaming about pasta, I've been getting my thoughts togetehr about MBAs in general and the schools I'm going to visit in particular. I've formally put down on paper what it is I want to achieve through an MBA and the things I'm looking fo in an MBA course. For the schools, I've listed the things that make the course stand out, what my concerns are about it, and the questions I want to ask when I visit. I've even invested in a tab-divided workbook to keep all my notes in, so I feel smugly organised.

What I'm somewaht less sure of, is what I should be taking with me to wear. It's not a 'What is suitable attire for a b-school visit?' dilemma (they're getting me in smart jeans and a top, and will have to like it or lump it), more 'How do I take the minnimum of stuff when Palo Alto has temps in the mid-70's forecast next week and Chicago is forecast snow?' Actually, I think this primarily comes down to whether I take my winter jacket or not. I was hoping not to, but I can always sling it in at the last minute if that would seem prudent. In true 'Brit visiting the US' stlye, I'm taking an extra bag with me anyway. Clothes shopping stateside is always better value, and the current exchange rate makes it even more attractive.

Oh, and if anyone has suggestions for good breakfast places in NYC, Palo Alto, Evanston or Chicago, I'd be very grateful ('the most important meal of the day' and all that, you know).


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