Sunday, April 25, 2004

So Good They Named it Twice 

Spent a very pleasant Friday night at the Hilton London Paddington and then flew to New York yesterday. I was somewhat dismayed to be pulled over by a security guard before check-in so he could search my luggage. This always seems to happen to me. I can't decide whether:
a - I look suspicious.
b - They have to fill their quota of searches and I look like someone who won't give them a hard time.
or c - I look like someone who's possesions they'd like to rifle through.

The plus side was that it meant I was fast-tracked to the front of the check-in line, and as the line was quite long, this was a bonus. And, of course, I aprreciate the need to make sure we're all safe.

Got to my hotel at about 2pm EST and spent the afternoon on a bus tour of Upper Manhattan. this was a pretty quick and easy way to see some of the sights, especially when jet lag means that having someone take you places is a much better idea than idependent thought! In addition to lots of historic places and wonderful views of Central Park in the bud of spring, the tour also enabled me to locate a Sephora, which as I somehow forgot to pack my mascarra was an essential first stop. I'm staying in a hotel in Hell's Kitchen, a couple of blocks from Times Square, which comes complete with fridge and microwave, so I also stocked up on juice and snacks to keep me going through the early morning wakefulness which comes with heading west across time zones. Having said that, I managed to stay awake until 9pm last night and didn't properly wake up until around 4am, which I thought was pretty good going.

The next few days I'm going to continue the tourist bit and hopefully go to an information session at Columbia, then it's off to Yale on Tuesday

Now to find somewhere open for breakfast at 6am on Sunday!


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