Saturday, April 10, 2004

Easter Weekend 

Easter means a four day weekend in the UK (we get bank, i.e. public, holidays on Good Friday and EasterMonday). I spent yesterday doing very little other than buying myself a new pair of sunglasses (as summer does seem to be on the way and I lost my previous pair somewhere on Alcatraz last October) and watching 'The Passion of the Christ', Good Friday seeming a rather appropriate day to go see it. I thought it was a very powereful and well made film, and fail to see what so much of the criticism is about. Yes it's violent, but it's portraying an horrific form of torture and execution, so it couldn't really be abything but violent. It's just that society seems to have accepted the intellectual idea of crucifiction without thinking too much about the reality of it, so we've ended up with a very sanitised idea of what it was about. As far as the anti-semitism charges go, I'm unconvinced but then I've always found the idea of 'blame' for the crucifixtion somewhat baffling (like so much to come out of the medievel church). Without the crucifixtion there'd have been no ressurection, and without the ressurection there's have been no Christianity, so as a Christian I find the idea of blame rather odd. Not to mention that, according to the bible, it's all part of God's plan and the fulfilment of prophect, so if we're going to blame anyone it really should be Him upstairs. I must say though that sitting in a cinema with lots of people who obviously don't usually go to them is a slightly odd experience. One woman was confused by the trailers and had to check with me that she was actually in the right place.

This is all totally irrelevent to MBA's so I'll stop. The rest of the weekend is set aside for properly sorting out my flat, which I moved into a bout six weeks ago, and sorting out my stuff for school visits in a couple of weeks. I need to get together e-ticket print outs, maps, visit booking details etc, so I have some idea of where I'm going and when. I also need to think about clothes to take. Given that California is in the low 70s at the moment, while New York and Chicago are still managing to dip below freezing at night, I think a variety of weights and lots of layers are going tobe the order of the day, or rather fortnight.

On a final note thanks to Future MBA Girl for the shout-out, and to the League of MBA bloggers for adding me to the listing - yeah!


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